Principal - Joan Campbell


Joan Campbell MBE


ARAD ( ADV&ADV Teachers Diploma)
AISTD (National)
Tutor and Former children’s examiner for the RAD
RAD, “Presidents Award”
Imperial Society of Teachers “Haxel Cup”
Honorary Advisor for the HK Dance Federation
Founder member of Hong Kong Ballet Group
Woman of the year by American Biographical Institute INC.


Joan Campbell MBE trained at the Elmhurst Ballet School in Camberley (UK) where she later started her career as a teacher. Arriving in Hong Kong 1954, Joan pioneered the R.A.D method of Dance in Hong Kong. She has done much to promote the art of dance since becoming principal of the Carol Bateman School of Dancing in 1967. She has just completed 60 years of teaching in HK and Joan received MBE Honors in June 2016 from Queen Elizabeth for her services to dance in Hong Kong.Her greatest joy is to be able to pass on her knowledge to a new generation of dancers.

鍾 . 金寶夫人MBE是一位資深芭蕾舞教育家。於1954年在英國考獲英國皇家芭蕾舞學院教師文憑。由1967年起,鍾 . 金寶夫人已擔任本校校長,她是首位將英國皇家芭蕾舞學院考試課程成功帶來香港。更於二零一六年六月獲頒英國王室頒授MBE勳銜,表揚為香港舞蹈界的服務及傑出成就,對香港舞蹈界的發展及貢獻的肯定。校長擁有豐富教學經驗,可算是首執香港芭蕾舞界牛耳。在港教學60年期間,對於香港舞蹈界培育不少出類拔萃的舞蹈精英,鍾 . 金寶夫人可謂是香港舞蹈界之中流砥柱。嘉露貝文芭蕾舞學校陪伴不少學生一起成長,由學習初期直至成為一位專業的舞蹈教師。