Helena May Studio

Summer 2018

This Summer, Leighton Centre is going to be full of Fun, music, dancing and sweat !!!

Don’t ever stop dancing!!!!

Summer is a great time to relax and allow our bodies to rest after a grueling school year, but we can’t stop all together. Our bodies are fine-tuned dancing machines and if we stop using them…you will probably feel weaker then you used to be and not as flexible as when you left! The best way to keep your body in dancer mode is to dance!

This summer we have tailor made Summer Intensive Classes for all our senior students.  Focus on Vocational training techniques, Pointe work, ballet repertoire and body conditioning.

And for our little ballerinas, we have Summer Dance Camps with different themes every week. I am sure you will all love it!  Let us help bring out the performing talents from your kids! Join us this summer for dance, music and fairy tales!

We are also offering Unlimited Classes for our dedicated busy bee students…. If you are keen on working towards your next grade then this programme will fit you perfectly!  No homework or exams over the summer months so you can…..learn the syllabus in advance!

If you are interested in our summer programme, please email us carolbatemanschool@gmail.com or call us on 2525 3721 for more information.

Get back into the swing of things again in September.

New time tables for September term are now available.




夏天是一個放鬆的好時機,在一個艱苦的學年後好讓我們的身心休息一下。但我們不能讓全部一起停下來。我們的身體是需要有規律地活動, 如果我們停止使用它們……你的身體會比以前更弱! 所以讓身體保持處於舞者狀態的最佳方式就是跳舞!

今年夏天我們為高年級學生量身打造了暑期專業級課程,專注於專業舞蹈培訓, 足尖課, 芭蕾舞劇選段和體能鍛鍊。

至於我們的小小芭蕾舞者,我們精心泡制每週都有不同主題的夏令舞蹈營。. 我相信你們一定會愛上它!就讓我們來助幫你一把發挖您孩子的演藝才能!今年夏天立刻加入我們, 享受舞蹈,音樂和童話故事!

無限次跳舞班就最適合我們的勤奮的小學員吧! 你們可以提前學習新一年度的課程。



如果你對我們的夏季課程感興趣, 敬請勇躍報名!請給我們發電子郵件carolbatemanschool@gmail.com 或致電2525 3721以獲取更多信息。